When photographing Arunachala, something interesting began happening while I was being with the Holy Hill.  It’s like I (Jim) didn’t have anything to do with the process except being the hands holding the camera and “just showing up.”
This was in no way a mystical experience it was just what happened as I stood quietly and fully present with the stillness and silence of the mountain.  Then while focusing “first on Stillness” even before focusing the camera, a balanced composition opened up
naturally and the picture was taken.

~ ~ ~

There’s a feeling of awe and wonder about this ancient mountain that somehow expresses itself through these photographic images.  The unexplainable mystery “reveals itself with awareness or insight” even through a two dimensional print.

Often while gazing at one of my images of The Hill, the experience of peace and pristine presence is so real that it seems like I am right there.  There is a sense that something meaningful is happening but I don’t know what.  The mind with all its concepts can’t just be happy and enjoy the moment, it has to go off looking for something better.  But the mystery of Arunachala “Stills the wandering mind” and brings it back home.